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Accountable Care

Implementing Accountable Care to Achieve Better Health at A Lower Cost
Report of the WISH Accountable Care Forum 2016
Mark McClellan, Andrea Thoumi, Krishna Udayakumar, Hannah Patel, Abdul Badi Abou Samra

Accountable Care (2013)

Focusing Accountability on the Outcomes that Matter
Report of the Accountable Care Working Group 2013
Dr Mark McClellan with Dr James Kent, Stephen Beales, Michael Macdonnell, Andrea Thoumi, Benedict Shuttleworth, and Dr Samuel Cohen

Ageing Societies

Creating Sustainable Health and Care Systems in Ageing Societies
Report of the Ageing Societies Working Group 2012
Phil Hope with Sally-Marie Bamford, Stephen Beales, Kieran Brett, Dr Dylan Kneale, Michael Macdonnell and Andy McKeon

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance: In Search of a Collaborative Solution
Report of the Antimicrobial Resistance Working Group 2013
Professor Dame Sally Davies, Emiliano Rial Verde


Autism: A Global Framework for Action
Report of the WISH Autism Forum 2016
Kerim M Munir, Tara A Lavelle, David T Helm, Didi Thompson, Jessica Prestt, Muhammad Waqar Azeem

Behavioral Insights

Applying Behavioral Insights: Simple Ways to Improve Health Outcomes
Report of the WISH Behavioral Insights Forum 2016
Michael Hallsworth, Veerle Snijders, Hannah Burd, Jessica Prestt, Gaby Judah, Sarah Huf, David Halpern

Big Data And Healthcare

Revolutionizing Medicine and Public Health
Report of the Big Data and Health Working Group 2013
Professor Alex Pentland, Dr Todd G Reid, and Dr Tracy Heibeck

Cardiovascular Disease

Innovation Approaches to Prevention: Tackling the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease
Report of the WISH Cardiovascular Disease Forum 2016
Srinath Reddy, Farhad Riahi, Grail Dorling, Ryan Callahan, Hannah Patel

Communicating Complex Health Messages

Communicating Health Messages: A Framework To Increase The Effectiveness of Health Communication Globally
Report of the WISH Communicating Complex Health Messages Forum 2015
L Suzanne Suggs, Chris McIntyre, Will Warburton, Sarah Henderson, Peter Howitt

Delivering Affordable Cancer Care

Delivering Affordable Cancer Care: A Value Challenge To Health Systems
Report of the WISH Delivering Affordable Cancer Care Forum 2015
Robert J S Thomas, Ryan Callahan, Richard Bartlett, Jodie Geissler


A Call To Action: The Global Response To Dementia Through Policy Innovation
Report of the WISH Dementia Forum 2015
Ellis Rubinstein, Cynthia Duggan, Brett Van Landingham, Didi Thompson, Will Warburton


Rising To The Challenge: Preventing and Managing Type 2 Diabetes
Report of the WISH Diabetes Forum 2015
Stephen Colagiuri, James Kent, Tommi Kainu, Stephen Sutherland, Sabine Vuik

Digital Innovation in Healthcare

The Digital Dimension of Healthcare
Report of the Non-Communicable Disease Working Group 2012
George Halvorson with Peter Goldsbrough, Simon Kennedy, Dr James Kent, Karalee Close and Dr Daniel Becker


Dying Healed: Transforming End-of-Life Care Through innovation
Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett Professor Scott A Murray MBE
Dr James Cleary, Dr Liz Grant, Dr Richard Harding, Professor Alex Jadad, Dr Mark Steedman, and Karen Taylor OBE

Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics

Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics
A Special Report in Collaboration with the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics
Mohammed Ghaly, Eman Sadoun, Fowzan Alkuraya, Khalid Fakhro, Ma’n Zawati, Said Ismail, Tawfeg Ben-Omran

Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation

Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation: Making the Connections
Report of the Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation (GDHI) Working Group
Professor the Lord Ara Darzi, Greg Parston, Matthew Harris, Yasser Bhatti, Matthew Prime, Jacqueline del Castillo

Health Professional Education

Addressing the Challenges of Health Professional Education: Opportunities to Accelerate Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage
A Special Report of the Health Professional Education Advisory Board
Tim Evans, Edson C Araujo, Christopher H Herbst, Ok Pannenborg

Healthy Populations

Designing Strategies to Improve Population Health
Report of the WISH Healthy Populations Forum 2016
Sue Siegel, Hugh Alderwick, Sabine Vuick, Chris Ham, Hannah Patel

Impact of Dementia

Enhancing the Response to the Burden and Impact of Dementia
Through Policy and Social Innovation in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Innovative Delivery Models

A Neglected Resource: Transforming Healthcare through Human Capital
Report of the Innovative Delivery Models Working Group 2012
Dr Victor J. Dzau with Natalie Grazin, Richard Bartlett, Dr Krishna Udayakumar, Thomas Kibasi, Dr Nicolaus Henke and Matthew Pettigrew

Investing in Health

Investing in Health: The Economic Case
Report of the WISH Investing in Health Forum 2016

Leading Health Systems Network

An International Perspective on Information for Patient Safety: What can we learn about measuring safe care?
Report of the Leading Health Systems Network 2016
Didi Thompson, Kelsey Flott, Sabine Vuick, Gianluca Fontana

Maternal and Newborn Health

Putting Mothers And Newborns First: Integrating Policies, Programs and Services
Report of the WISH Maternal and Newborn Health Forum 2015
Ana Langer, Joy Riggs-Perla, Mark Steedman, Mary Nell Wegner

Maternal Health

Saving Mothers’ Lives: Transforming Strategy into Action
Report of the Maternal Health Working Group 2012
Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran with Dr Viktor Hediger, Ashley Manzoor and Jennifer May

Mental Health

Transforming Lives, Enhancing Communities: Innovations in Mental Health
Report of the Mental Health Working Group 2013
Vikram Patel and Shekhar Saxena, with Mary De Silva and Chiara Samele

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children

Healthy Young Minds: Transforming The Mental Health Of Children
Report of the WISH Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children Forum 2015
Richard Layard, Ann Hagell

Non-Communicable Disease

Countering Non-Communicable Disease Through Innovation
Report of the Non-Communicable Disease Working Group 2012
Professor Richard Smith and Professor Paul Corrigan with Christopher Exeter


Strategic Action to Combat the Obesity Epidemic
Report of the Obesity Working Group 2013
Professor Shiriki Kumanyika, Dr Kimberly Libman and Ms Ana Garcia

Patient and Family Engagement

Partnering with Patients, Families, and Communities For Health: A Global Imperative

Report of the Patient and Family Engagement Working Group 2013
Susan Edgman-Levitan and Carrie Brady with Peter Howitt

Patient Safety

Transforming Patient Safety: A Sector-Wide Systems Approach
Report of the WISH Patient Safety Forum 2015
Peter J Pronovost, Alan D Ravitz, Robert A Stoll, Susan B Kennedy

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine: A Global Action Plan for Impact
Report of the WISH Precision Medicine Forum 2016
Victor Dzau, Geoffrey S Ginsburg, Elizabeth Finkelman, Celynne Balatbat, Kelsey Flott, Jesicca Prestt

Primary Care

Primary Care – The Central Function and Main Focus
Report of The Primary Care Working Group 2012
Sir John Oldham with Ben Richardson, Grail Dorling and Peter Howitt

Road Traffic Injury

Road Traffic Injury and Trauma Care: Innovations for Policy (Road Trip)
Report of the Road Traffic Injury and Trauma Care Working Group
Professor Adnan A Hyder with Dr Prasanthi Puvanachandra and Katharine A Allen

Universal Health Coverage

Delivering Universal Health Coverage: A Guide For Policymakers
Report of the WISH Universal Health Coverage Forum 2015
David Nicholson, Robert Yates, Will Warburton, Gianluca Fontana

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