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Organization: Discovery Insure

Country: South Africa

Forum: Road traffic injury

Discovery, which started out as a small specialist health insurer two decades ago, is now a multifaceted, integrated financial services organization that spans over four continents. VitalityDrive is a driving program created by Discovery Insure in South Africa to encourage safe driving. The program rewards Discovery’s clients for improvement in their driving. The program uses an innovative motor vehicle telematics technology to develop a scientific measure of driver behaviors, Discovery Insure rewards its members in a number of ways.

Drivers can earn points by improving their driving for example reducing their use of harsh braking, risky acceleration and cornering, speeding and driving late at night. Drivers can also earn points by completing an annual driver safety review and quarterly online quizzes. Accredited driving courses are available to encourage skilful driving and help promote safe road use. Finally, drivers are rewarded for taking their car in for annual checks and keeping their car service history up-to-date.

In addition to this, Discovery Insure teams up with two innovative transport companies in South Africa that provide a chauffeur-based service to its members in order to reduce drink-driving and driving late at night.

The Discovery Insure program database recorded an overall positive change in driver behavior over a consecutive 12 month period; there was a 29 percent reduction in poor and average drivers’ category whilst there was a 36 percent increase in good and 137% increase in excellent drivers.

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