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Organization: VIVIAC

Country: Mexico

Forum: Road traffic injury

VIVIAC is an NGO consisting predominantly of victims of road traffic injuries that operates in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. By facilitating opportunities for victims and their families to share their stories with influential groups, VIVIAC have been instrumental in bringing about state legislative change on drink-driving.

Under the banner “Legislando para la Vida” or “Legislating for Life,” VIVIAC regularly organizes interviews with victims, their families, and representatives of the state’s broadcast and print media. Their emotive stories reach thousands of people through TV broadcasts and radio talk shows, which helps to increase road safety awareness and educate the public about the need for stricter laws and enforcement. In September 2010, with the backing of three main political parties, the state of Jalisco revised its drink-driving legislation, setting an upper limit for BAC of 0.05g/dl for the general public. This contrasts with the previous limit of 0.15g/dl, which was three times higher. Additionally, a strict BAC limit of 0.00g/dl was implemented for drivers of public transport vehicles.

Owing in part to the advocacy efforts of VIVAC and other non-governmental organizations within the “Collective Cuidadano” or “Citizens’ Collective,” the state has seen a decline in drink-driving fatalities since the law was enacted. With support from some key governmental ministries, VIVIAC and its partners are currently organizing advocacy for other issues, such as seat belts, child restraints, and helmets for motorcyclists.

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