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Proactive Partnership Strategy

Organization: Global Road Safety Partnership

Country: Brazil; Cambodia

Forum: Road traffic injury

In 2002, the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) introduced the Proactive Partnership Strategy (PPS) as a model to address road safety at the community level. PPS is a process methodology used for fostering partnerships between communities, government, local businesses, and civil society. In turn, these sustainable partnerships aim to improve local road safety conditions through the creation of measurable targets and the implementation of a structured action plan. The process is predicated on six steps; partnership building, data collection and analysis, integrated road safety action systems, monitoring and evaluation, program review and program renewal and expansion.

PPS has been successfully implemented in Brazil and Cambodia with the assistance of GRSP. In the city of São José dos Campos (Brazil), PPS was introduced in 2010, and brought together actors from the private and public sectors along with civil society groups. Numerous road safety measures were implemented, including large-scale public awareness campaigns, road engineering projects, and a heavy enforcement area. Between 2010 and 2011, fatal crashes declined by 41 percent, despite the city’s vehicle fleet growing by 9 percent.

PPS is a viable option for communities where robust governmental entities have the motivation to address road safety, and citizens are both empowered and eager to improve their roads.

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