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My Medication Passport

Organization: NIHR

Country: UK

Forum: Patient engagement

My Medication Passport is a written record of a patient's medicines. It is designed to improve communication between patients, carers and healthcare professionals and maintain a record of changes made to the patient's medication. Features of the My Medication Passport include:

  • Relevant information about the patient
  • Relevant information about the patient's GP/ other healthcare professional
  • List of medicines the patient cannot take and the reasons why
  • Compliance aids in use
  • List of the patient's current medicines
  • Changes made to current medicines and why
  • Blank pages for the patient to record additional medical information such as vaccinations, screenings etc.

The passport aims to help patients/carers have a complete record of their medicines as well as an understanding of the reasons for any changes being made to their medicines. It's designed to empower patients/carers to take control of their medication and help seamless transfer of medication information across healthcare interfaces. It is available as an easy to carry booklet or as a free app for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

The idea behind the passport was generated by patients in Northwest London in September 2010. 7000 booklets were distributed as a pilot in 2012 and in April 2013, the tool was launched to the northwest London community. In the first 48 hours following its launch, 1400 copies of the passport were ordered. It has since been used throughout the UK and the app has been downloaded by over 2000 individuals from more than 37 countries.

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