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Organization: DIPEx

Country: UK

Forum: Patient engagement

Founded in 2001, is an online repository of over 25,000 video and audio clips in which more than 2000 patients, relatives, carers and healthcare professionals share their healthcare experiences. It is delivered by a partnership between the charity DIPEx (Database of Individual Patient Experiences) and the Health Experiences Research Group (HERG) at The University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care.

The video clips can be used by patients as a means of information and support, and to provide insight to healthcare providers and policy-makers which helps them to understand the patient experience. The clips are also a source of support and education for patients and their families which help individuals to learn about their condition and communicate with health professionals to support informed decision-making. It is hoped that this approach is a step towards evidence-based co-design of care, in which patient, families and providers work together to improve care quality.

Researchers from Oxford University use rigorous qualitative research methods to capture the full range of experiences associated with each health condition and the website has been certified by NHS England's accreditation scheme for health and social care information, The Information Standard.

The site covers 85 different health topics, which capture the experiences of 40-50 people with personal experience in that area. According to, three quarters of users leave the website feeling less alone and better informed, more than 90% would recommend the site to others and more than 80% say its information is better than what they’ve received elsewhere.

A new organization, DIPEx International, has since been founded, and its members are delivering similar programs in Canada, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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