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Patients for Patient Safety

Organization: WHO

Country: Global

Forum: Patient engagement

Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) is a program that brings together patients, providers, policy-makers and those effected by harm to create a global network of those who are dedicated to improve health-care safety through advocacy, collaboration and partnership. The program is predicated on the belief that preventable harm in healthcare, which affects millions of patients every year, can be reduced by placing patients at the center of care and harnessing the wisdom, determination and passion of the global patient population. There are more than 300 Patients for Patient Safety Champions across 53 countries.

Working through the World Health Organization, Patients for Patient Safety has developed a collective voice for patients and families interested in sharing their experiences and learning in order to improve safety. As an integrated function of the WHO Patient Safety Programme, PFPS develops opportunities for the patient voice to be heard and provides a platform for participation which:

  • increases public awareness of inherent health-care risks,
  • educates the public about systems approaches to risk management,
  • reports errors or health-care failures in ways that contribute to systemic learning,
  • disseminates research and sharing solutions that can prevent patient harm.

Following the first PFPS workshop in London 2005, the “London Declaration” was issued. This sets out the common vision, guiding principles, and commitment to positive patient engagement which underpins the network.

PFPS run a number of events, workshops and campaigns which all seek to further their aim of improving safety through patient engagement.

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