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Organization: TEAMcare

Country: US; Canada

Forum: Mental health

TEAMcare is a comprehensive program designed to break down costly care silos by providing team-based primary care for multiple medical and behavioral health conditions, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and depression, simultaneously. It has been successfully implemented in over 30 health settings throughout North America. Further implementation is currently being tested in India, with collaborations planned with European countries and Australia.

TEAMcare trains primary care staff to work in collaborative teams that deliver care in the clinic and by phone using evidence-based treatment guidelines for each condition. Each service user is assigned a TEAMcare Care Manager, usually a medically supervised nurse, who serves as the conduit between the consultation team, the primary care team and the service user. The program takes a treat-to-target approach, modifying treatment as needed to ensure improvement in symptoms. It teaches service users self-care skills to control illnesses and encourages and improves behaviors (for example, diet, exercise, cessation of smoking) that enhance quality of life.

To date, about 1400 people have received TEAMcare, with a trial showing improvements in medical disease control and depression symptoms. The estimated cost per service user is US$1224. Within a capitated system, this resulted in a cost saving of about US$600 per person over 24 months. In a fee for service system, the cost saving was about US$1100 per service user over 24 months.

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