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Coordinate my Care

Organization: UK Government

Country: UK

Forum: End-of-life

Research has shown that Londoners have a strong preference to die at home (57%) rather than at hospital. However, 66% of people die in hospital as supposed to the 20% of London who die in their own homes. The UK Government developed an End-of-Life care Strategy whose aim was to reduce hospital deaths and allow people to die at their place of preference. Part of the strategy included the setting up of Electronic Palliative Care Coordination Systems (EPaCCs), one of which was Coordinate my Care (CMC).

The Coordinate my Care is a clinical service which shares information between patients and their healthcare providers, coordinates their care and records the wishes of how the patient would like to be cared for. It went live across London in early 2013 following a two-year pilot study. By the end of 2013, there were 8030 CMC records, and 2548 of these patients had died. Of the patients who had died with a Coordinate my Care plan in place, 79% died in their place of preference and 81% of patients died outside of the hospital setting. In 2014, access to Coordinate my Care was made even easier through the introduction of a mobile app which patients can use to update their wishes.

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