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Open mHealth

Organization: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Country: USA

Forum: Big data & healthcare

Open mHealth builds open software architecture which breaks down barriers in mobile health to support integration between mHealth solutions and unlock the potential for mHealth. It was established in September 2011 as it was becoming increasingly apparent that mHealth solutions were being built in silos which would make integration and data sharing difficult. Open mHealth offers software developers a shared architecture which will allow data from multiple mHealth applications to be “mixed and matched” to derive meaningful insights and deliver connected solutions.

Open mHealth architecture has been implemented in custom integrations which have provided insight into depression and diabetes care, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and chronic pain. For example: when caring for patients with post-traumatic stress syndrome, Open mHealth was able to integrate data from multiple devices and apps on mood, medication, and symptoms and represent it visually. This could then be used by both the patient and the clinician to increase understanding of the patient’s condition, improve safety and provide evidence for clinical action.

Through these adaptive and integrative solutions, Open mHealth enables a better understanding of the relationship between different health factors which, over time, can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of particular treatments or mHealth applications.

Open mHealth is a non-profit organization which is proud to be supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. They are partners with a wide range of organizations, including, Kaiser Permanente, McKesson and Cornell NYC Tech.

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