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WISH - World Innovation Summit for Health

World Innovation Summit for Health

A Healthier World Through Global Collaboration

WISH Impact on Qatari Health Policy

WISH Impact on Qatari Health Policy

WISH has integrated itself with local Qatari stakeholders, partners and collaborators, creating a direct line of communication with some of the biggest names in policy, regulation, research, academia and medicine.

In this vein, WISH frequently works closely with the Qatari Supreme Council of Health and local providers and civil society movements including HMC, PHCC and the Qatar Diabetes Association. In 2014, a “WISH Implementation Taskforce” was created to identify actions that need to be taken relative to Qatar’s health needs, and how local stakeholders can play a part in the effort. A culmination of that collaboration led to a project on Accountable Care and Diabetes and a local pilot project aimed at improving the delivery of Diabetes Care in Qatar.

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Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Public Health

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